Boys’ Crush ultimate indoor practices set foundation

Team aims high for pre-season



Freshman Henry Horstman Olson throws the disk toward a teammate. Boys ultimate held their first practice Jan. 8.

Emerging after last year’s conference championship, boys’ Crush ultimate hurdles headfirst into their new season.  

According to junior Micah Davis, his goals for ultimate include recruiting new teammates and forming strong teamwork with fellow players.

“(We want to be) bringing in new players — a lot of new players, and also just do well in the season,” Davis said. “Ultimate’s a super unique sport and it’s very spirited, so it allows for super good sportsmanship and it helps us all around (with) skills for other sports — and it’s being active.” 

For head coach Spencer Hagen, the first practice was a success, which was reflected in Crush’s promising turnout.  

“Today was the first (practice) and from what I saw, it went great,” Hagen said. “There were some new faces along with a lot of returners.” 

Looking forward to the season ahead, Davis said the team is already preparing for its best.  

“Right now it’s looking pretty good and also we do Friday pickup, so that’s a lot of fun,” Davis said. “It’s super exciting to see all the new players and all the new talent. This season is going to be super good.”

Aiming to win both the State and conference championships, senior captain Joe McGurgan said most practices are composed of a multitude of activities. 

“Everybody’s looking really good. The throws have been amazing today,” McGurgan said. “We start out with a warm up, then go into drills and then swing into the rest of practice (which) is usually the flow of our practices.”

Amid the rising COVID-19 cases, Davis said the team is staying cautious to continue its season.  

“It hasn’t been affecting us too much. Players are really good about mask wearing so we just continue doing that to stay safe and make sure people don’t show up with symptoms or (when they’re) feeling poor and that allows us to play.”

Boys Ultimate meets Saturdays 1 – 3 p.m. and Sundays 9 – 11 a.m. at the High School Field House, and also Fridays 9:30 – 11 p.m. at Champions Hall. Anyone interested in joining is encouraged to reach out over Instagram or the official Crush website.