Dance team waltzes into Park

New club holds interest meeting


Taylor Voigt

Freshmen Lily Anderson and Makenna Allison sign in to the informational dance team meeting Feb. 10. At this meeting they learned and asked questions about the potential Park dance team.

Alex Hoag, Ena Mekic, and Jesse Belen

As a way for students to become involved in more art based clubs, students organized and decided to create the SLP Dance Team. The team held its first informational meeting Feb 10. where they discussed their plans and goals for the future of the team. 

Among the many students who expressed interest in joining, sophomore Karen Dworsky said she is pleased that the team will have a calmer environment than competitive dance. 

“I did dance for four years, but I quit because it wasn’t the best environment,” Dworsky said. “Now I’m excited because they’re talking about how they want to make it a chill community. I’m interested in joining the club for that aspect.”

Club advisor Victoria Bohn said that she has been thrilled to create the team since a passionate meeting with club leader, Sylvia Tolzin.

“I ended up meeting up with Tolzin on Zoom and I got to know her and we talked about our passions behind what we both envisioned this to be,” Bohn said. “She knew exactly what she wanted to do and she was going for it. That’s what we need at SLP: someone who won’t give up.”

Dance team student leader Sylvia Tolzin said she wanted to start the team to bring a dance community into Park. 

“I’m really interested in dance and our school does not have many arts programs,” Tolzin said. “It’s nice for people to actually get out, create community, move their bodies and hang out together as a school.”

Bohn said that the dance team should be a space for everyone, because one of their main goals is to create a supportive community.

“This space is here for students to jam out to some tunes, learn from each other, and support each other,” Bohn said.

Dworsky said that she was satisfied with the student turnout and member engagement. 

“It was really nice, and I’m happy that a lot of people came,“ Dworsky said. “I am excited to meet new people who also love to dance.” 

Bohn said that she is excited about welcoming and incorporating all types of dance into the team.

“Seeing students makes me remember wanting that as a student, and I think it’s so deserving, because all these schools have dance but ours,” Bohn said. “It has this stigma of ballet only, jazz only, cheerleading only, but look how beautiful it is when you mix all of these styles.” 

Tolzin said that she encourages people to join no matter their previous dance experience because the club is good for community building and bonding. 

“We strive to include all types of dance and to include everyone,” Tolzin said. “Overall, our goal is to move our bodies and have fun and promote school spirit.”

For updates on when the team will have its first official meeting, check out their Instagram @slpdanceteam.