Quiz Bowl meets its match at tournament

Noah Robiner

After  a recent a conference match, Quiz Bowl members still look toward the season with confidence. The A, B and C teams all went 2-2 at last week’s tournament.

In December, the A team had qualified for a national tournament and was undefeated nearly halfway into the season. Recent losses have shaken the A team’s confidence.

Senior Simon Fruchtman attributes the losses to several factors.

“We had a really tough schedule. We only played teams that were all top of the line,” Fruchtman said. “We’ve been doing very well, but we’ve been overconfident. This last week showed us that there were other teams at our level.”

Despite the mediocre start to 2014, the team’s adviser, Carmen Garland, said she is still optimistic about the rest of the season.

“I’m sure that they did the best that they could,” Garland said. “I’m more concerned about them feeling like they enjoyed it and did the best they could. They still have a decent chance to end up with a really good record.”

According to Garland, tough competition is just a part of the game, but the team still has a shot to make it big.

“You’re going to play lots of different teams,” Garland said. “Sooner or later you’re going to hit teams that are a lot better than some others that they play.”