Science Olympiad prepares for the best

Team members continue to improve for competition in February

Shoshi Leviton

With the regional competition right around the corner, Science Olympiad members are working diligently to enhance their events. Now that the competition is coming up, members are now meeting once every other week on Wednesdays instead of once a month, to meet with their teams and prepare for the competition.

According to sophomore and captain Freja Olson, teams are preparing for the competition by participating in practice events at the meetings.

“The practice events are a lot of finding facts and studying in order to ensure our success at the competition,” Olson said.

However sometimes they differ based on what event a member is participating in.  For example a team completing a lab and a team building something would not have the same type of test event.

“If you are doing an event with a lab you have to practice them and if you are in a building competition you have to complete the building and test it before hand,” Olson said.

With all of the preparation being done at the meetings Jenny Magdal, the adviser of Science Olympiad, said she has high hopes for the outcome of the regional competition.

“They are really ahead of the game this year and the next step is just to continue testing them,” Magdal said.

The competition will take place on Feb. 14 at Wayzata High School