School store expands

Students focus on marketing and promotion

Sam Orloff

A greater emphasis at the school store on attracting more students resulted in new expanded hours and additional advertising this year, according to senior store manager Mikey Segal.

Students participating in the school store operations class manage a student-run store commonly referred to as the Storiole, according to Sophia Ross, who teaches the school store operations class.

Ross said the Storiole allows students to experiment with business in a nontraditional learning environment.

“The students actually run the store completely on their own and I just facilitate that,” Ross said. “We’re not sitting in class with a textbook, but instead it is more hands-on.”

According to Segal, the store’s main goals are related to marketing.

“We are trying to make students aware that the store is open,” Segal said. “We’ve heard in the past that people don’t even know that the store is operating.”

Ross said the students put greater focus in expanding into the realm of group apparel.

“One of the things that we are working on is doing special orders for group apparel because we can get it much cheaper,” Ross said.

Junior Josh Livon said he noticed many of the new changes the store made.

“The store looks nicer this year and I can tell that they are changing the way they do things,” Livon said.

Ross said the store will release a full schedule of store hours once participating students finalize their availability.

“Right now, in addition to being open during lunch, a few students may open it on Tuesdays and Thursdays before school, as well as during fourth and seventh hours,” Ross said.