Film club members promote school musical

Trailer created to attract larger audience

Lauren vonEschen

Senior Charlie Berg said he felt accomplished while watching the final product of the trailer he helped to create to promote the school musical.

It’s a really deep feeling of accomplishment when you watch that very final cut all the way through for the last time,” Berg said. “I’d do this kind of project again in a heartbeat.”

During the rehearsal process for the school musical “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” director Jodi Hatzenbeller approached film club leaders Berg, seniors Garrett Wells, Miles Sandbo, and film club member and senior Joe Villano, asking them to create a short documentary trailer to use as publicity for the show.

According to Berg the filmmakers found inspiration from, and made a mockumentary that parodies the 2002 documentary “Spellbound,” which follows eight contestants at the National Spelling Bee.

Berg said the process began by creating a list of questions for each of the actors so they could be interviewed.

“We shot the actors’ responses like documentary-style interviews,” Berg said. “Once we had all the interviews, we shot all of our B-roll throughout rehearsals.”

Filmmaker and film club leader Miles Sandbo said they divided the process into three stages in order to be most efficient.

“The first stage was where we decided what we wanted the trailer to be like as far as tone and structure,” Sandbo said. “The second stage was the actual filming of the actors responding to the assigned questions and of rehearsals to get footage that we could edit. The third part was the editing.”

After getting all the footage needed, the filmmakers worked for about a week on editing the trailer so everything fit into place, according to Berg.

“For about a week, we edited it all together,” Berg said. “Joe (Villano) wrote an original score in about a night and a half, and we made sure the sound was all quality and lined up correctly.”

Sandbo said the film club leaders and members hope this trailer will help with publicity for the show.

“Hopefully enough people see it to get intrigued and come see the show,” Sandbo said. “We’re also hoping that it gets some people interested in joining theater to help the program grow.”

According to Sandbo, the trailer can be found on the St. Louis Park High School theatre Facebook page, or by searching “Frozen Stream films” on YouTube.