Meet Quiz Bowl competitors

Yonit Krebs


Leila Raymond, 10:

When did you join Quiz Bowl?

“I joined sometime in the beginning of freshman year. My sister needed help with her physics in Dangerfield’s room and we stayed and did Quiz Bowl.”

What do you enjoy most about Quiz Bowl?

“I really like being exposed to different things and learning things that I would have no idea about otherwise. It’s also cool to see your everyday knowledge put to use.”

What are some challenges that you/the team have?

“I have a lot of trouble with the really obscure english references and geography references. Our team is mathematically challenged, except for a select few new sophomore members.”

When does Quiz Bowl meet?

“We meet Tuesdays after schools in Mr. Dangerfield’s room. We are always accepting new people, except if you want to compete you have to fill out a form and you have to get registered with the Quiz Bowl association. Just swing on by Dangerfield’s room Tuesdays after school and we’ll be there.”

What is one random fact you’ve learned in Quiz Bowl?

“The author of “An Interview with the Vampire” is Anne Rice.”


Danny Hunegs, 10:

When did you join Quiz Bowl?

“I joined Quiz Bowl in ninth grade at the start of the year.”

What do you enjoy most about Quiz Bowl?

“My favorite thing about Quiz Bowl is probably the competition. I like competing against other schools because it’s fun to see what our team knows and what the other team knows and it gets intense sometimes.”

What is one random fact you’ve learned in Quiz Bowl?

“There’s a question that went like this: in July of 2016 this public polling showed that this fictional character was polling better than Jill Stein. The answer was Harambe and I got that question right.”


Peter Dangerfield, club adviser:

When did you become the adviser for Quiz Bowl?

“This is my second year. It’s my second year at the school, second year as the adviser. I kind of got thrown into the advising role last year, but I love it. I did a very similar competition when I was in high school. I was looking forward to getting involved in it at the high school and am glad I had to opportunity to do so.”

What do you enjoy most about Quiz Bowl?

“My favorite part of it is the camaraderie that comes along with all the kids that we have. We have a wide variety of kids that know things that I don’t know and it’s just fun to get together with these kids and compete. I really like to compete and I hope they do to.”

How do competitions work?

“The state kind of breaks up the metro area into four different regions, so we’re in one of the regions. We play on Thursday nights about once a month down in Eden Prairie. If you do well in the regional competition, and there’s two more meets, you qualify to take it to the state tournament.”

How have competitions gone so far?

“We took two teams down (to Eden Prairie) two Thursdays ago. Our A-team won 4-0; they did really well. The B-team went 1-3 against really tough competition. We’re really hoping that with that strong showing we can build on that and early December we’ll go back down there and participate again. There’ll be some meets coming up on Saturdays in the next couple months. It really picks up after winter break, but we’re just looking forward to building the program and having a strong showing this year.”

What is one random fact you’ve learned in Quiz Bowl?

“The Defenestration of Prague.”