Math team establishes welcoming environment

Club holds first meeting of the year


Ruby Stillman

Math team member Eitan Weinstein and club adviser Kristin Johnson discuss math drills during their first meeting Sept. 18.

Amaia Barajas and Emma Yarger

According to senior captain Ryan Favour, math team is rewarding because he gets to work with other students who enjoy math as much as he does.

“I like math. I like people who like math too. It’s all together in math,” Favour said.

Favour said he invites math students of any level to join the math team. He said the purpose of the club is to bring those who enjoy math together.

“You don’t need to be great at math (to be on math team). It’s something we do because we like math not because you happen to be good at it,” Favour said.

Sophomore Eitan Weinstein said members join because they take pleasure in deciphering problems and working together.

“I do (math team) because it’s fun to solve problems and also to work as a team on some of them,” Weinstein said.

Students don’t need to be high scoring to participate or enjoy, according to Favour.

“(For) the team event, (there is) the scoring team of eight and everyone else is on another team that does the event for fun,” Favour said.

Math team adviser Kirsten Johnson said she helps math team members prepare for the State tournament, which benefits the entire team.

“We actually have quite a few students, or mathletes, that I think could qualify for State. (Our goal is) getting them focused and ready so they can optimize their points in order to qualify for State,” Johnson said. “If all of them do that we should easily qualify as a team.”

Johnson said besides the returning upperclassmen, new incoming students 

will make the team even more likely to qualify.

“There’s a couple freshmen, I’ve heard, that are coming in from the middle school that are doing really well in the middle school program. Putting them all together should be (good),” Johnson said.

Weinstein said he primarily enjoys the collaborative portion of the club.

“I really like the team competitions where we are all working together on a few problems. I think that’s a lot of fun because I don’t usually know how to do all that work alone,” Weinstein said.

Johnson said there are always positions for newly interested members.

“You can join anytime,” Johnson said.

According to Johnson, the next math team meeting is at 3:15 p.m. on Oct. 9 in room B330.