Israeli soldiers changes perspectives

Speakers visit Israel Advocacy club, discuss experiences


Shir Bukra speaks about growing up in Israel and her time serving in the Israel Defence Forces Oct. 25.

Israel Advocacy club students were thrilled to have two Israeli soldiers come into the class to talk about their experiences being part of the Israeli Military. Junior Dani Orloff says she enjoys getting to know the soldiers better and understanding their commitment to their country.

“Attendance was quite low, but it allowed for a more personal connection with the soldiers because after their presentations, we got to talk to them and get to know them. It was a really great experience to hear their stories and where they are from and talk to them about their everyday life,” says Orloff.

Senior Ruchamah Borg said the gathering showed the commitment and diversity of the soldiers as they didn’t just come from Israel, as well as their passion to protect and country.

“(The soldiers) talked about their backgrounds like growing up in there ways, because one of them lived in Columbia and when he was a little older. His family fled because there was an uprising there when there was a civil war,” states Borg.

Borg said she felt connected to the soldiers through learning about their background and what got them to be an Israeli soldier and put their life on the line.

“(I enjoyed the soldier) Carlos specifically because he talked about when he was a patriot trooper and in 2009 in Gaza,” Borg said. “He was asking how we would feel going into a situation, putting us in his position where you would open a door and you’re faced with either getting shot down or innocent civilians.”

According to Orloff, the meeting’s common theme was showing the students what they can do to stand up for what they believe in.

“These soldiers are amazing people and they do so much to keep the country safe,” Orloff said.

Borg said the meeting brought students closer together and displayed the importance of relations, diversity and will.

“People see the (Israel Defense Force) as just Israeli kids and see only one idea of their story,” states Borg. “what we actually saw was two people with two completely different stories who both worked together to try to help people.”

According to Orloff, Israel Advocacy club’s next meeting date has not been decided.