ACT club fundraises winter gear for STEP

Prizes awarded to grade level with most donations


Evelyn Nelson

Students drop off winter gear in the student office for the ACT fundraiser. All new and gently used items go to STEP to give to community members in Park.

Evelyn Nelson

With the temperatures dropping, sophomore Morgan Graves said she felt inspired to create a difference for her community this winter season.

I know so many kids just don’t have mittens, and they are really important to keep warm, especially because they want to be able to play with their friends at recess,” Graves said.

Throughout the month of December, the Achieve Change Together (ACT) volunteer club at Park has promoted a grade wide competition to raise winter gear for St. Louis Park Emergency Program (STEP).

Junior co-founder Yonit Krebs said she thinks this idea was a great way to help the overall community in Park.

“We have been volunteering with STEP for a while now. We have noticed that no matter how many clothing items they have, they really don’t have enough,” Krebs said.

Krebs said she and junior ACT president Yonah Davis organized a prize for the winning grade that donates over 100 items of winter gear.

Graves said she enjoys what the two founders have created at the school and hopes it brings awareness to volunteering.

“It has been really good, the club itself is really well organized. The two presidents  have done a lot of work to make (the club) very scheduled and clear,” Graves said.

Krebs said she hopes students get involved not just for the prize, but to help students understand the importance of volunteering.

“We want (students) to know that this is really something important and if each person does a little bit they can be able to make a big difference. Volunteering should be fun. It should not be something that you feel is a burden,” Krebs said.

ACT adviser Jenny Magdal said she feels very impressed with the work the two presidents have done through their club for STEP and throughout Park.

“ACT found out from STEP that there was a need, and they began working immediately to bring this mitten drive to fruition,” Magdal said.

According to Krebs, students are encouraged to bring new or gently used winter gear to send off to STEP’s winter closet throughout the duration of the fundraiser.

“Our goal is to be to get as many boots and hats and mittens as we can, and we have provided an incentive to the student body to do so,” Krebs said.

Graves said she hopes ACT can find ways to branch out to not just the high school, but other schools in the Park community.

“Maybe try and expand it to the middle school and elementary school to get them to participate, to get the younger kids help their peers,” Graves said.

For those who are interested in donating, donation boxes can be found in the student office organized by grade level, there is not a determined date for when the fundraiser ends, according to Krebs.

Jenny Magdal was not able to meet face-to-face for a scheduled interview, so her quote was received through email.