Community service provides meals during break

Birdfeeder organizes food distribution

With a few months of volunteering experience accomplished, junior Leensa Ahmed said she has enjoyed helping people within the Park community.

“It’s been pretty cool going out and being able to shop for families who need it, and being a student who’s helping out other students in the St. Louis Park High School community has been a great experience,”Ahmed said.

According to business and marketing manager Sophia Ross, the Birdfeeder is donating food to help families during winter break.

“It’s really important that over these long breaks kids still have access to food,” Ross said. “So what we did was we put together a winter break request form and students and families from St. Louis Park can fill it out for anywhere from five to 10 bags of groceries, and that could include a holiday meal.”

Ahmed said the Birdfeeder wants to allow students to pick the foods they will receive during the holidays.

“Because everyone celebrates Christmas differently, we wanted to create a way where we would still give certain foods and request bags, but also have a way that people can decide what they want on their own,” Ahmed said.

According to Ross all personal information is kept confidential.

“We don’t go up to students and talk to them about it,” Ross said. “Typically students find out about it from the posters or a social worker.”

Ross said these donations opportunity benefits everyone involved.

“I think it’s good for the people who are receiving as well as the people who are donating,” Ross said. “Obviously when kids and families are being fed in St. Louis Park, they feel good about themselves, (and) not worry about where they are getting their next meal.”

According to Ahmed, families have recognized and requested food donations from the Birdfeeder.

“We went shopping last week for turkeys and hams and any other food items that anyone would need,” Ahmed said. “We’ve gotten a lot of requests so far, but people can still feel free to put in a request until tomorrow.”

Ross said donations will be accepted through the district website and the Birdfeeder.

“At school, we have an account set up for money. Anybody can donate, and then we use that money for shopping and the things we need like backpacks to put food in, or sometimes we’ll purchase gift cards and send to families as well,” Ross said.