Club moves in new direction

Art group chooses online option


Culver Carden

Seniors Ciara Woida and Chava Buchbinder along with junior Nechama Buchbinder look over previous years' 36 Arts books.

Marta Hill

Nearing the end of her senior year, senior Chava Buchbinder said 36 Arts is important to the school because many students are interested in art.

“(36 Arts is important) because there are always going to be people who want to do art, and I think having a space for them to come to to talk about art or do art is really important,” Chava Buchbinder said.

According to adviser Chris Nordmark, 36 Arts allows students to share their work and form a community around art.

“(36 Arts) gives a platform for students to express their arts,” Nordmark said. “It’s empowering to express your art. People might be making art on their own and not know that other people are doing it to, so this club might help them find a new community.”

Chava Buchbinder said 36 Arts is enjoyable because it allows her to share her art with other people who share her interests.

“It is really fun cause me and my friends all have different styles of art and different types of art that we enjoy. So we all get to talk about different stuff we have seen and show people other things we are working on,” Chava Buchbinder said. “It’s just fun for us to be able to interact with other people specifically about art related stuff.”

According to junior Nechama Buchbinder, the club it fun because it’s a really relaxed experience.

“It’s a non-pushy club. You show up when you want to or when you have time,” Nechama Buchbinder said. “You can show up like twice, and we will be like, ‘yep you are part of the club’. A really big part of the club is that we don’t force art upon people, we let it come to them.”

According to Nordmark, the club is in a period of change, because printing a magazine every year was not sustainable.

“The club has kind of ebbed and flowed in it’s growth and right now we are kind of in a period of reworking the club and rethinking what we want it to be,” Nordmark said. “We have stopped printing because of the cost, and we have moved to online, so it’s kind of a work in progress.”

Chava Buchbinder said the club has moved away from printing a magazine, and is trying to find an alternative plan.

“We haven’t done it the past two years but we usually make a literary arts magazine at the end of the year. We are trying to figure out how to make that into a website so it’s not just once a year that it comes out,” Chava Buchbinder said.

Nordmark said when they get the website figured out the club hopes to post as submissions come.

“We are hoping to post as art is submitted, weekly would be nice but that is not always the case for submissions,” Nordmark said. “This year we haven’t really gotten the club up and running as much as we would like to so the publicity for submitting art has been lacking.”

36 Arts meets at 8 a.m. Thursdays in C367.