Park Tech begins meeting for the year

Club plans to expand, improve services


Ethan Meisler

Junior Michael Ramirez looks at a computer, assessing its issues at Park Tech Oct. 16 in room B117.

Sofie Geretz and Ethan Meisler

Computer teacher and Park Tech adviser Jake Utities said he started facilitating the Park Tech club a few years ago.

“Five years ago, when I was hired, students who were in the club approached me because they needed an adviser and asked me if I would be one and I agreed,” Utities said.

According to Utities, the club works exclusively with computers but also ensures that their services are known to the public.

“We build and fix computers. We work on marketing, recruiting for students who are helping market our services to the public or on active projects that we have,” Utities said.

Junior Jordan Wilson said there were a couple factors that lead him to join Park Tech.

“My friends convinced me to (join), and I just like computers,” Wilson said.

Wilson said he particularly enjoys the social aspect of Park Tech.

“(It’s fun) being there with your friends after school,” Wilson said.

According to Utities, the club may change locations once the boys’ locker room begins construction.

“(We meet in) room B117,” said Utities. “We’ll talk and figure out which space we’re going to be in once (the construction) happens.”

Wilson said he would like Park Tech to expand club membership and projects.

“(I hope) that the club gets bigger and we get more people to join and more computers in,” Wilson said.

Utities said he is excited for the additional leadership in Park Tech this year.

“We have a new adviser, who’s going to be volunteering, and he’s the director of I.T. at Thrivent Financial, and he started the club back in 2005, when he was a student here,” Utities said.

According to Utities, the club will begin to look more like an I.T. workplace, preparing those in the club for electronic work in the future.

“Our main goal is formatting the club the same way you would an I.T. help desk and change it from just a club to a launch pad for an I.T. career,” Utities said. “Experience you get in Park Tech will be mirroring the exact experience you’d have in an I.T. service help desk.”