DECA sells pizza to raise money

Fundraiser aims to lower convention costs


Grace Farley

DECA adviser Sophia Ross removes frozen pizzas during distribution Oct. 25.

On a cold Sunday, sophomore DECA member Koby Davis said he went door-to-door pitching frozen pizzas to his neighbors for a DECA fundraiser.

“We were instructed to sell twenty frozen pizzas in order to raise funding to lower the cost for conventions and other travel things that DECA needs,” Davis said. “In order to do this, we were supposed to talk to our friends, call, go door-to-door or do anything else to try and sell these pizzas.”

According to DECA adviser Sophia Ross, the fundraiser ended Oct. 15, and the frozen pizzas were delivered by the club’s members Oct. 25.

“All the DECA members had to turn in their pizza orders by Monday, October 15th,” Ross said. “What we do after that is we send in all of the orders to Chanticlear Pizza and then they will be bringing us the pizzas and then the students will pick them up and deliver to their customers.”

Ross said the fundraiser spanned the entire St. Louis Park community, not just the high school.

“It is really all over the community and what is really cool about this fundraiser is that it gives students the opportunities to talk about DECA and let people know about DECA and at the same time, ask for donations or sell some pizzas for DECA,” Ross said. “It gives them a chance to actually use their public speaking skills. So that is good for our organization as well.”

According to Davis, the pizza sales will provide for future DECA expenses by supplementing convention costs.

“We do state-wide competitions regularly, and we can go and compete in certain events and these events cost a lot of money, like this one called Fall Leadership Conference. This fundraiser allows us to only pay for accommodations and food instead of also paying for travel costs,” Davis said.

Junior Zachary Weiser bought several pizzas because they required no preparation on his part.

“I like pizza and my family often finds themselves rushed for dinner so this is an easy way to have food to eat and also support a cause from the school,” Weiser said.

Weiser said he bought from DECA as it supported the Park community.

“I think it was like 10 dollars a pizza so it was maybe a little bit more expensive than if you bought it like at Target, but it’s also going to a good spot,” Weiser said.