Quill and Scroll starts up for the year

Club looks to better community


Ethan Meisler

Banner publicizing the Quill and Scroll club hangs in room C363, where the club meets.

Ethan Meisler and Sofie Geretz

According to Lori Keekley, the Quill and Scroll adviser, the club will have its second meeting of the year soon.

“We will have our next meeting within the next couple of weeks,” Keekley said. “I just have to tell the Echo and Echowan students.”

Keekley said the club gets together to work on about two service projects for the community per year.

“It’s a way that students can give back. Last year we did a Toys for Tots drive,” Keekley said. “We try to have a service project each semester.”

Senior Olivia Mosby said that she enjoys Quill and Scroll especially because it brings together both the newspaper and the yearbook.

“It’s fun to interact with the newspaper, not just yearbook people,” Mosby said. “(It’s) a fun community to be a part of because it’s members of both of the publications.”

Hoping it would excite students, Keekley said she began the club a year ago.

“This is the second year we’ve had it at the high school,” Keekley said. “I know there have been some very active Quill and Scroll chapters in other schools, and I heard about that and thought that it might be a good thing to bring here.”

Mosby said that she enjoys Quill and Scroll for the services it provides and the tight-knit community it builds.

“I felt kind of at home,” Mosby said. “I thought it would be a good opportunity to get involved with the school more and give back to the community.”

Mosby said she would recommend potential Quill and Scroll members to join the club.

“Quill and Scroll is a very low commitment and it’s a good way to get involved, and honestly it probably looks good on college applications,” Mosby said.