Storiole holds sale for holiday spirit

Discounted prices to bring in new customers


Abigail Prestholdt

Senior Melissa buys Core water during the Storiole’s 50 percent off sale. The sale ends Nov. 30.

With the holiday season approaching, Storiole finance manager, senior Ethan Kahn said the Storiole is participating in the holiday spirit by putting certain items on sale.

“We are in the holiday spirit, and we wanted to have a little Black Friday shopping deal,” Kahn said. “Everyone can come hopefully to support Park Pride and buy out the Storiole. This is the time to have sales.”

According to senior Melissa Llamas, a member of the Storiole’s finance team, the sale will run through Nov. 30.

“Until Nov. 30, we have 50 percent off select items as well as 10 percent off all other apparel and accessories,” Llamas said. “I am a part of the finance team, so (we’re) basically in charge of making changes, making deposits and I also work (in the store) occasionally.”

Storiole adviser Sophia Ross said each year’s Storiole staff makes their own decisions regarding different sales and promotions.

We’ve done something similar (in the past). Every year the students pick and choose what they want to do as they get to run this business and make all the decisions for it,” Ross said. “Last year, we did Orange Tuesday, just a play off of Black Friday, and then anything in the store was a certain percentage off.”

According to senior Paige Slavik, who works at the Storiole, the store is seeking to increase its income through the discounts.

“As a class we were expecting to see a little more profit in the apparel category and we are just not really seeing it. We don’t know if it’s a problem with the clothing or if people just don’t like it,” Slavik said. “We are doing it (this) week because it’s kind of around Black Friday and just recently we have been noticing there is something that we need to change (to bring more customers), so we are testing it out.”

Ross said discounts in general are left to the Storiole staff’s discretion.

“(Sales are) totally up to the class. We do (a sale) at the end of the year. We have a big blowout sale so we can get rid of our inventory so that the new students coming in can have money to work with,” Ross said. “Other than that, it varies, but they always run certain promotions. Not necessarily sales per say, but if you follow our Instagram account, they’ve given out popcorn before and they do different types of promotional or marketing techniques throughout the year.”