Birdfeeder creates winter meal packs

Members of community service class prepare food


Maggie Klaers

Student managers of the Birdfeeder, senior Althea Tyler and junior Victoria Martinez, pack winter meal packs during their community service class on Dec. 14. Forms to receive food from the Birdfeeder will be available in the counseling office until Dec. 17.

Maggie Klaers and Sofia Seewald

Senior and student manager of the Birdfeeder Althea Tyler said the holidays can be a difficult time financially for many families.

“It’s a time when families are already buying presents and they might be having a harder time over the break, just because it’s a busy time and there’s more family around,” Tyler said.

Birdfeeder adviser Sophia Ross said students are able to receive a larger quantity of food than usual that will last them through the two-week break.

“Since we have a two week break, students will have the opportunity to come and pick up a car full of groceries if they choose to,” Ross said. “So typically we pack about 6 to 10 bags of food for families over that long winter break.”

Junior and student manager of the Birdfeeder Mushtakh Mohammed said many students lose access to the food they would normally receive at school over break.

“I feel like most people, their food source is school because they get breakfast and lunch, and then without that for a good two weeks, it’s hard to get food and it should be provided for them,” Mohammed said.

According to Tyler, it is very easy to register to get a meal pack for over break, as the Birdfeeder tries to make the food as accessible as possible.

“There (are) forms in the counseling office and you can fill out one of those and get food for your family for winter break,” Tyler said. “You can get enough food for your whole family for the amount of time you need.”

According to Ross, the Birdfeeder works to protect the privacy of the students receiving the food.

“We probably pack for about four to five families a week,” Ross said. “Everything is so confidential and it just looks like you’re carrying a bag for school, versus carrying a bag (of food) for your family.”

Ross said it is important to make sure all students are provided food over the break to ensure they are getting the right amount of nutrients they need to stay healthy for school.

“When (students) come to school after winter break, we want to make sure they have got the nourishment they need to continue to learn and thrive in the school,” Ross said.

The forms to receive food from the Birdfeeder over winter break are due in the counseling office by Dec. 14, however forms will still be accepted until Dec. 17.