The Nest event fosters creativity

Open mic night encourages student musicians


Kaia Myers

Junior Patrick Djerf announces the next performer at the Nest open mic night Dec. 14. The event was to promote the Nest and showcase student’s musical talents.

Amaia Barajas and Jenna Cook

As freshman Luna Labelle reflects on the Nest’s open mic event, she stresses the importance of giving everyone a safe space to express themselves.

“I feel like it’s important so then students and other people can just express their talents and what they like to do,” Labelle said.

According to senior Maranda Hoogenraad, who MC’d the event, the Nest is a more casual place for performers who want to show off their work.

“It’s an event to get people into the Nest, (it’s) a chance for students to express themselves, get their voices heard. I know a lot of people don’t play at the Depot because it’s an actual gig thing, so we just went up and improved stuff, it’s more fun and relaxed, you don’t have to have a plan,” Hoogenraad said.

Junior Patrick Djerf said events like these are what motivates students to attend and had it not been for his role in open mic he would not have known to go.

“I know it was my first time there, if not for the event and being asked to be the MC at the event I would not have gone,” Djerf said.

Hoogenraad said the open mic gave students a casual environment to perform and helped students who may be more shy in performing.

“I think there really fun because, me especially I wouldn’t really go up and play in front of people if I didn’t have an opportunity like this. Like I said it’s more relaxed and laid back, we don’t really have a plan going into it,” Hoogenraad said.

Labelle said, she was motivated to attend the event by wanting to see peers talents.

“Well (my friend) told me to go and I thought it would be really fun and really cool to see what peoples talents are,” Labelle said

Djerf said having an open mic gave students the opportunity to have a creative outlet outside of school.

“It’s fun to see your friends perform or see them do something they’re passionate about, that brings them joy. It’s fun to gather with your friends in a calm space like the Nest,” Djerf said.

Hoogenraad said, the open mic was a beneficial way to make sure that students learn more about the Nest.

“It drew some attention (for the Nest) I saw some people here that I’ve never seen come to the Nest before. So I think it showed that it’s not a place just to do homework in,” Hoogenraad said.