Choir begins preparation for musical

‘Sound of Music’ performances give chance for growth


Samiya Mohamed

Juniors Euan Lim and Mitchell Voseschen are rehearsing for the school musical “Sound of Music”. They were both attending zero hour Jan. 9, which is before school.

Sofie Geretz and Ethan Meisler

Choir teacher John Myszkowski said the satisfaction he gets from teaching high school students is because of their increased abilities and adaptability when it comes time for big performances.

“High school kids are easier to work with. They’re capable of much more difficult things, and they’re capable of much more independence,” Myszkowski said.

Junior and choir student Amaya Fokuo said she enjoys preparing for the musical and participating in choir as a whole for the wide range of music and classmates she gets the chance to work with.

“My favorite part is different music and different genres and you also get to work with a lot of different people, which can sometimes be aggravating,” Fokuo said. “But other times it’s really interesting and fun and it’s a new experience.”

According to Myszkowski, choir has begun to prepare for the annual musical by beginning to work on the main songs.

“Well, we will be doing The Sound of Music as the choir musical, so that will be the first weekend of March,” Myszkowski said. “We’ll be working on the choruses for that.”

Haen said she appreciates the combination of people and talents in preparation for the musical, but can get discouraged when practice becomes scrutinizing.

“I like learning new songs, and I like to put together many different voices to have a big choir with harmonies. Sometimes it can be frustrating doing things over and over again, but it’s for the best,” Haen said.

Fokuo said while the class is very enjoyable, it can also be very demanding as the performances approach.

“When it becomes closer to concerts, you can definitely feel the pressure of the workload starting to add up and we start to go through the nitpicky stuff and it becomes very repetitive and intense,” Fokuo said.

According to Myszkowski, the “Sound of Music” will be performed the first weekend of March.