Clarinetist wins Best of Site Award

Honor received for first time in five years


Used with permission from Anavey Hosack

Sophomore Anavey Hosack practices her clarinet. Hosack went on to win the Best of Sight Award, the first time someone from Park has won the award in five years.

After winning the Best of Site Award for her clarinet solo performance, sophomore Anavey Hosack said she was overjoyed.

“I feel really awesome, I was a little nervous about it. Everyone knew before I did, but yeah it’s good,” Hosack said. “It’s pretty big and not easy to win, especially for our school. Usually Chanhassen or Edina or any of those schools get the award.”

According to band teacher Steven Schmitz, this is the first time a Park student has won the award in five years.

“I am really excited because the St. Louis Park band program has only gotten three Best of Site Awards that I know of, and the last ones were both in 2014 so it’s been a while,” Schmitz said.

Junior Shaqued Ben-Harush said she believes Hosack earned the award due to her work ethic.

“(Hosack) deserves it because she is the kind of person that puts a lot of dedication to the work that she is doing,” Ben-Harush said. “She, I know personally, has practiced so much for this and has done so much to be where she is.”

According to Schmitz, the entire band program is proud of Hosack, who beat out competitors from better funded schools that border Park.

“Everyone is excited for her and really positive,” Schmitz said. “I’m really excited because region 6AA, where we are placed for music, is really competitive. Most of the top funded and top respected programs in the state happen to be right around us such as Edina, Wayzata, Eden Prairie and so that’s what the judges are hearing. What she did impressed them more than any of those other schools and got the Best of Site.”

Sophomore Maya Lee said she was proud of Hosack as well.

“I’m really proud of Anavey, she is a really good player and deserves it,” Lee said. “(The award) uplifts the rest of the band because it is saying that our band is that much better to have a player that is so good.”

According to Schmitz, the regional competitions ranks everyone based on their performance and people earn awards based on their ranking.

“There’s more to it than just the Best of Site. Every single student who goes also gets a ranking and if you get the top ranking, which is called Superior, you get a metal and a certificate,” Schmitz said. “It’s not just that these lucky few are getting rewarded — everybody that does a good job is — Best of Site is just the top thing.”

Schmitz said the awards were given to him and the band players will receive their awards at the end of the year banquet.

“It’s a contest so the awards are given out to me (and) to each teacher right after each contest is done,” Schmitz said. “I have (planned) the gathering for the band banquet and they will get all sorts of awards later.”