Teacher raises awareness for Financial Literacy Month

Students and staff answer questions to win a 100 Grand Bar


Photo illustration by Sophie Livingston

To raise awareness for financial literacy, personal finance teacher Abigail Lugo said she created questions for students and staff to answer daily in order to win a 100 Grand Bar.

“(I am doing this) because it is April Financial Literacy Month, and it was just a fun way to bring awareness to financial literacy. And who doesn’t like candy?” Lugo said.

According to Lugo, she wanted to do something fun that students and staff could get involved in.

“I just wanted something that the whole school could participate in, and I just used some resources that I had and got approval to do it from my head of department,” Lugo said.

Sophomore Evan Nelson said he thinks it’s great Lugo is using the daily questions and reward system to teach others about financial literacy.

“It’s really cool because she is giving a chance for people to learn more about (financial literacy),” Nelson said.  

According to Lugo, many students and staff fill out the slips to answer the questions and she likes to announce the winners outside her room.

“(I get) probably between 40-50 (slips) a day (filled out). I always like to highlight the answer and put the name of whoever won on (a green poster),” Lugo said.

Freshman Ava Hanson said doing the trivia questions each day is a fun way to learn about ways to overcome financial problems.

“It’s a good thing because a lot of people in high school aren’t super aware about financial issues,” Hanson said.

Lugo said by doing this she hopes more people will learn about personal finance in a fun way and encourage students to take a personal finance class.

“(I am doing this) just for awareness of personal finance and just to kind of have a fun trivia for people,” Lugo said.

According to Lugo, she will continue creating questions until May 3.