DECA closes out year

Members reflect on the season


Used with Permission from Sofia Ross

DECA seniors celebrate their last district awards on Jan. 28. Seven of the seniors advanced to State on March 3-5.

Amaia Barajas and Jenna Cook

Sophomore Rachel Stein, said her year was successful overall, even though it took her some time to figure out what aspect of DECA she was interested in.

“I originally wanted to go into fashion marketing, but I decided to go with job demonstration and human resource,” Stein said. “I placed second or third in sales demonstration in district and 11th in human resource at district, which brought me to State. Overall it was really enjoyable, I’m glad I did and I’m excited for next year.”

According to DECA adviser, Sophia Ross, new applications for next year’s officers are coming out, along with applications for incoming members.

“Right now we have application out for DECA members too apply for DECA officers right now. Once we get those applications in then the current officer team, myself and Mrs. Lugo sit down and look at the other applications. Then we will choose who we think will make a good officer representation,” Ross said.

Ross said the year with DECA has been great and attendance has increased from past years.

“It was so much fun, I think we had a really successful year. I think we had about 60 members this year in DECA,” Ross said. “I think we had a good turn out in our meetings. The fall leadership conference we had a great turnout and we were pretty successful in our State and district competitions. It was a really fun year. I’m going to miss these seniors that are leaving because they’ve been with me for so long.”

According to senior Anya Morrison, she will be continuing her club membership in college at North Dakota State University.

“I’m going to do collegiate DECA next year. I’m pretty sure it’s just like high school DECA — it’s just a different level. (We) do still compete on the national days that DECA does, it’s just more intense — so different colleges from all over the state,” Morrison said.

Morrison said she hopes to further expand her knowledge of the business fields she chose to compete in.

“I’m going to be a human resource manager, so I’m going into business and communications. I competed in communications and principles of finance this year, so hopefully I can further that path,” Morrison said.

Stein said for anybody who is weary of joining the club, to step out of their box and try something new.

“I would say join DECA, no matter if you feel like you want to compete or not. Because DECA is a really great organization, it looks great on your college application and you learn so much whether or not you chose to compete. Also it’s kind of a club where you decide how much you want to be active. If you’re on the fence about, sign up because you can really chose how committed you are,” Stein said.