Intersectional Feminism Club kicks off

Members discuss goals, new ideas for school year


Maddie Schutte

Freshman Amalia Fischer draws on a coloring sheet hand out during the first Intersectional Feminism Club meeting of the year. The club met Sept. 12 to collaborate on its goals for the year.

Maddie Schutte and Sofia Seewald

According to co-club president and senior Maddie Lind, Intersectional Feminism Club hopes to expand its influence by devoting more time to local volunteer opportunities and activism this year. 

“We’re hoping to get more involved. Last year was a lot of discussion and maybe some activities,” Lind said. “We want to try to get into volunteering in addition to our normal discussions, have more activities (and) get more involved in the SLP community.” 

Senior Amelia Ryan said she looks forward to the rewarding feeling of being active in the community. 

“I hope to feel empowered by the people I’m surrounded with in (Intersectional Feminism) Club and to make a difference in my community by going out and volunteering with Planned Parenthood or other activities,” Ryan said. 

After seeing a variety of new members at the first club meeting Sept. 12, Lind said she hopes to continue growing the club to be more diverse.

“If we can get a lot of different kinds of people with perspectives on different things together to have discussions, I think we could be successful as a club,” Lind said. “Last year, demographically and ideologically, we were the same as one another. That’s great, but even if you just get one dissenting opinion it still makes you think a little bit.” 

Freshman Ruby Livon a new Intersectional Feminism Club member said she felt the club presidents were very accepting of all individuals who attended the first meeting.  

“I really liked (the meeting),” Livon said. “I thought it was really casual and it felt like a very welcoming place and community of people, and they were very open to everybody’s ideas and thoughts.”

According to Ryan, she feels passionately about including all voices during Intersectional Feminism Club meetings.

“I think it’s really important to not just include white women in these kinds of discussions,” Ryan said. 

Though the club looks to get more involved in the community, they are also ready to make changes within the school as well. The new school bathroom policy was an important discussion during the first meeting. 

“The big (topic) today was being able to go to the bathroom, because obviously when you use the women’s bathroom it’s going to take longer and you’re not able to do that in five minutes,” Lind said. “Also the weird situation that comes along with being escorted by a male staff member to the women’s bathroom, that’s kind of inappropriate.” 

According to Livon, her desire to become more involved in the fight for feminism in the community is what drove her to join Intersectional Feminism Club. 

“I am very passionate about feminism and I thought it would be cool to be a part of (the club) if there were different volunteer opportunities to (support) feminism in St. Louis Park. I want to be a part of that.”

The next Intersectional Feminism Club meeting will be held the morning of Sept. 26 in room B315 (specific time to be determined).