Park Tech looks forward to year of growth

Club’s goal is to broaden their membership and business


Carissa Prestholdt

Senior Michael Ramirez discusses strategy for Park Tech’s next project during a meeting after school Oct. 2. Ramirez specializes in software and digital aspects of the club.

Sofie Geretz

According to senior and Park Tech member Michael Ramirez, there are many facets of Park Tech that make up the club.

“There’s the more tech side and then there’s like more business side,” Ramirez said. “There is programming, repair, marketing and communications.”

According to junior and Park Tech member Jasper Goff, Park Tech has been a positive experience, building relationships and connecting with other students.

“My experience at Park Tech has been very nice one, because I have made quite a few friends off of that. It’s easy to make friends and (connections), because most of the people there share a common interest.” Goff said.

According to Ramirez, Park Tech allows him to work on his technological skills and prepare him for his future career.

“(I don’t want to work) in the IT repair shop, but more of computer science program and artificial intelligence. It’s a good stepping stone,” Ramirez said.

Goff said there were changes to the club that took place which decreased membership.

“(Membership) got worse after our room was demolished to make room for construction, so we had to (use) a different room,” Goff said. “Now we’re just trying to figure out how to revitalize the club,” Goff said.

Ramirez said the club’s goals for the year are increasing membership and creating more opportunities for students, making the club more diverse.

“I’m hoping we have more members and I’m hoping we can broaden what we have to offer for all students, because we need everybody to come in no matter the person,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez said the club plans on increasing their business aspect as well as increasing its publicity this year.

“For now we’re going to start going to public places for business and then we’re going to start handing out flyers going to classes, teaching people what Park Tech is,” Ramirez said.

According to senior and Park Tech leader Jackson Kubitza, the club meets every Monday before school and every Wednesday after school in room B227.

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