Med Club hosts homecare nurse

Heather Mcleod shares profession with students


Isra Mohamed

Home care nurse Heather Mcleod describes how to put an IV in to senior Emma Tight. Med club invited Mcleod to speak to students about her profession at the club meeting Dec. 17.

Isra Mohamed

Homecare nurse Heather Mcleod said she came to Medical Education Development (MED) Club to talk about her profession to give students more knowledge about different careers in the medical field. She is part of a list of guest speakers that have come to Med Club to talk about their professions.

According to Mcleod, she wasn’t always a homecare nurse, but still stuck to working in the same field.

“I worked for 21 years in a high risk hospital, taking care of mostly patients that were pregnant. Now I go to patients homes that just had their babies and do a lot of teaching on newborn care, postpartum care, and also pregnant moms that have hyperemesis, which is extreme nausea and vomiting in pregnancy and we start IV’s on them,” Mcleod said.

Mcleod said she hopes this visit will teach kids that the medical field is more than being a pediatrician or a nurse.

“My goal was to let kids know that there are so many different options in the medical field besides just being a doctor, which I think is great too. My other goal was tell students that it is never too late to do something that you feel called to do,” Mcleod said.

According to senior and Medical Education Development (MED) club leader Sofia Seewald, she said she tries to bring in different people to give members of the club different careers to pursue in the medical field.

“We bring in speakers monthly and this month it was a homecare delivery and labor nurse so she just came in and talked about her occupation and what she does on a day to day basis,” Seewald said.

According to Seewald, she does many things as an advisor to form what the MED club is.

“As the president of the club, I contact the speakers and make sure they come in. I also plan the meetings monthly and try and get people to come and all those things combine to form what Med club is,” Seewald said.

The MED club meets in A313 and the date of the next meeting is to be determined. According to Seewald, she is hoping to bring in an Obstetrician-Gynecologist to their next meeting.