Natural Helpers creates welcoming environment

Presentation for eighth graders lessens worries


Used with permission from Anna McCallon. Natural Helper Anna McCallon edits a slideshow on March 15. Natural Helpers has put together a presentation for eighth graders to help adjust to high school.

Katie Nelson

The first day of high school can be a nerve-wracking experience for any incoming freshman. Natural Helpers is hoping to ease the transition for current eighth-graders. 

According to adviser Allison Luskey, they are creating a presentation that will include a variety of information to help students feel more comfortable as they enter ninth grade. 

“The presentation includes videos sharing tips about high school, what to expect, some do’s and don’ts and then we have students doing a video tour of the school,” Luskey said. 

According to sophomore Anna McCallon, Natural Helpers hopes to be a support system for students. 

“We wanted to raise awareness of Natural Helpers and so if they have any struggles or they’re having a hard time adjusting, they can seek one of us out,” McCallon said.  

According to senior and co-president Ella Miller, the resources given can bring students a sense of preparedness.  

“By giving them advice and things we wish we knew, we hope they’ll be more comfortable in the building,” Miller said. “High school is already a stressful process and we want to help reduce that.” 

With her experience teaching freshmen, Luskey said she knows that addressing their concerns early on will ease them into the school environment. 

Anybody and everybody has worries and anxieties about starting high school and coming out of a pandemic just adds to it,” Luskey said. “I love that it’s something that is targeted for eighth-graders to feel more welcome and comfortable.” 

High school is already a stressful process and we want to help reduce that”

— Ella Miller

McCallon said this type of presentation would have greatly benefited her as an eighth-grader. 

“I was really anxious about high school, so having the opportunity to talk to an upperclassman or just seeing a friendly face would have been really nice,” McCallon said. 

Miller hopes the presentation will not only be useful freshman year, but in future school years as well. 

“We’re trying to do this to help them now,” Miller said. “Then they’ll have resources that can help them through all of high school.”