Creativity flows free in Art club

Club draws in comforting environment


Aisha Hersi

Sophomore Cole Wiltse starts a new project in Art club. Art club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.

Johanna Kaplan and Crystal Diaz

Students have hobbies ranging from A to Z, one of the most common being art. Creative outlets are key for so many teenagers and Art club caters to those who feel connected to art, according to co-adviser Martha Ortman. 

“It’s a safe environment for all different kinds of people to come and do their art how they want to do it without having to have instructions by teachers,” Ortman said.

The club is not only a safe space for artistically inclined students but it also helps those who envision a future in an artistic field, according to freshman Jack Schmieg.

“I want to go to art school, so doing extracurricular activities that have art will help me get in,” Schmieg said. “I have time to know that I’m going to dedicate directly to art club and to my art.” 

Art is an important activity for so many high school students, as it is cathartic and calming, according to sophomore Isabella McKinney.

“(When I do my art) I don’t have to think about anything else,” McKinney said. “I also like feeling proud about what I make.”

According to Schmeig, Art club creates an uplifting community and a welcoming environment where boundaries are respected.

“People aren’t going to be intrusive about what you’re drawing, but mostly people just talk and hang out and it’s real nice and friendly,” Schmieg said.

McKinney said she’s admired art since she was younger. Art club has helped Mckinney reconnect with her inner child.

“I loved making stuff when I was in elementary school and I feel like somehow that’s been taken away from me because (of) school or family stuff. But when I can come here and all the resources are here, it’s therapeutic, like I could feel the same way I used to,” McKinney said.

Art club can be an outlet to a plethora of students. According to Ortman, a lot of students find achievement in this type of community

“A lot of times kids who struggle in different classes can find a type of success with this learning environment where things are more visually oriented,” Ortman said.