Art club welcomes everyone

Club starts up again for the third year


Charlotte Cox

Art club president Sophia Jerney creates posters with other art club members. Art club meets every Tuesday in B114 (pottery room)

As a member of the Art Club, Marisa Peck says that art club is a space where students can be their most creative selves, make bonds and try new skills. Art Club was officially started two years ago, but it only started to take off last year. 

Advisor Angela Jacob has been running the club since its beginning and said she was excited for the new year because there will now be more involvement.

“It started in the middle of the pandemic and we got off to a more consistent start last year,” Jacob said. “We might have more involvement, as far as fundraising, this year, and (we might) do more organized activities.” 

In the past, Art Club has not been very active with the student body, but this year the club plans to change that. Junior president Sofia Jerney said the reason for last year’s inactivity was due to a lack of strong leadership. 

“Last year, it fell apart because we didn’t have strong leadership,” Jerney said. “We currently have zero fundraising and last year we also had zero bucks. Hopefully (we can) fundraise and then actually have some fun structured activities that aren’t meant to block creativity, but give us something to do other than just sit around and draw.”

As said by Peck, art is incredibly important in a lot of people’s lives and having an active Art Club at Park helps many students continue to use art as an outlet to express themselves. 

Senior Marisa Peck, who is an active member of Art Club, said they urge people to join because the club could help people feel a sense of comfort.

“People should join because it’d be really nice for people to find a sense of community,” Peck said.

Jacob says that although Art Club will be open to everyone, supplies are limited and students won’t be able to use the pottery wheel or clay unless they already enroll in pottery class. 

“We have some donated things and anyone is welcome to use that,” Jacob said.

Jerney said they are working on advancing the Art Club’s involvement and approachability for all students.

“I became president because I wanted to improve the Art Club and make sure that it’s a more accessible space for everybody,” Jerney said. “Not just those who can bring their own materials to school.”

Currently, Art Club is made up of mostly ninth graders, and Jerney said she wishes to branch out to include other grade levels.

“Currently, we are mostly made up of freshmen — and don’t get me wrong, I love the freshmen — but it’s open to all ages,” Jerney said. “It costs no money to join. We’ll never charge you anything. We’d love to see some other members from other grades.” 

Peck said art made a major impact in their life because it has become a lifelong hobby where other extracurriculars didn’t interest them. 

“It just always has been a hobby and a good way to express myself especially when many school activities aren’t really my thing,” Peck said.

Art Club meets every Tuesday from 3:15 – 5:30 in B114. For more information and updates, check out their Instagram @slpartclub