Band performs at first hockey game

Band supports Park athletics


Jamar Hester Jr

Band kids play trombone during the hockey game Dec. 1. Boys hockey lost to Chaska 1-5.

After playing in the band at the boys varsity hockey game Dec. 1. senior Sebastian Tangleson, said concerts at sporting games take a lot of preparation.

“There’s a decent amount of prep, you get to the school (around) an hour before to practice and tune everything, and then get everything prepared to go to the game,” Tangleson said. 

Freshman Davion William Charles said that while practicing takes up a lot of free time, it eventually pays off. 

“I practice almost everyday, but it’s really worth it, Charles said. “ Our practice pays off because we get to do fun stuff like play at hockey games and show off our skills.”

According to Tangleson,  because of how much time and effort that is put into playing, band has its pros and cons. 

“The highs are definitely the concerts (and) getting to get all your hard work from the entire year to culminate in your performance. It’s a really nice thing to see how far the band has come since the start of the year,” Tangleson said. “Some of the lows can be the bus being late getting out to games, but it’s also fun because then we get to go support different teams.”

Band teacher Steven Schmitz said playing at sports games brings a sense of excitement for his students. 

“I would say football and hockey are their favorite ones to play at. Football is fun because it’s just such a big crowd, and it’s outside and it’s our whole band,” Schmitz said. “Then all the other sports are a smaller volunteer band, but they like that we get to take a bus and it is like a field trip for hockey.”

Tangleson said that he recommends joining the band because of the valuable relationships and the lifelong skills that are made in the course.

“It’s a really good experience that stays constant throughout high school, and it’s a really good way to meet new people and it’s a great skill that you can have for the rest of your life, ” Tangleson said.

Band has their next concert is Dec. 6. at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium.