Students give insight on finance program

New student interns in finance


The student interns part of Park’s finance committee pose for a picture. From left to right: Sumeyo Jama, Julian Rohweder, Christopher Walker, Meshach Mandel. Permission of use from Patricia Magnuson.

Roberto Alvarez and Leo Justesen

As a way for students to explore new experiences, a new finance program invites in students to intern and learn more about how they can add strength to their community and to themselves. According to senior Julian Rohweder, joining the program gave him opportunities to learn about how finance can benefit their futures after high school. 

“It’s a lot different than a school environment so I’m trying to prepare myself for that transition into the workforce,” Rohweder said.  

This program also mentors understanding more about the process of working and the environment of how things are done, according to senior Christopher Walker. He said he enjoys seeing the process of working.

“(I like seeing) the process that comes with being on the route to see the final product, because as a student, all you see a lot of the time is the final product and not any of the process of it,” Walker said.  

Patricia Margunson, director of the finance program, said she believes that this program gives a space for students to understand more about the day to day life of what it’s like being in a working environment.

“Student voice is important, but it seems like a place where students couldn’t or wouldn’t have input and when you think about the wonky day to day accounting of a school district, we hold a belief that they do have a valuable voice and can understand the work,” Margunson said.