Friday flowers event flourishes

AP European history teacher fundraises for trip


Ashley Reyes

Sophomore Ruby Viot sells flowers to Evan Cormier April 14. During lunch, AP European History students fundraised for the trip by selling flowers.

Ashley Reyes

To help fundraise money for the Europe trip on April 14, AP European History teacher Emma Engebretson and students brought together a meaningful day for Park students. 

On their way to lunch, students were able to purchase flowers of their choice, including singular flowers or bouquets. Engebretson said she hopes that it would bring students together and overall bring happiness. 

“It was meant to bring a lot of joy to our school and bring a lot of fun ways to fundraise for various clubs and activities,” Engebretson said. “I’m hoping we can make it a more consistent event/program at our school.” 

Sophomore Ruby Viot, who helped out during Friday flowers, said that at times it got a bit overwhelming but she enjoyed helping out. 

“It was really chaotic at some points but it was fun seeing people buy flowers for their friends,” Viot said.

Junior Fatima Ghandour said that buying flowers was a great way to raise money. 

“It was a beautiful way to raise money because it gets people excited to buy things for people they love and people receiving them will definitely cherish it,” Ghandour said. “It’s a good gesture and a smart way to raise money and make a difference in people’s lives.”

Engebretson said that Friday flowers brought a positive aspect into students’ lives, which brightened up their ordinary school routine.

“It was definitely amazing, it’s great to see people appreciate and love each other and just show that they care about each other,” said Engebretson. “It’s so fun to see people receiving them and writing notes to each other.”

Viot said that Friday flowers brought a good spirit to Park and looks forward to seeing more school events similar to this. 

“It gets people involved and gives liveliness to our school too,” Viot said. “It was sweet that people bought for their friends or got sent to them for their significant others, it’s a good thing that we should keep doing.”

Ghandour said the prices were very reasonable and they could add more payment options for the future. 

“The prices are good because typically flowers are expensive and 10 dollars for a bouquet is a pretty good price,” Ghandour said. “The payment options could vary more but overall it was a pretty good success and they sold out which is good for the Europe trip.”