Yearbook distribution

Echowan finishes off the year strong


Maya Nieves

Junior Eliana Montero-Ward hands Lola Powers a yearbook during the final day of yearbook distribution. Distribution began May 22 and took place during lunches.

John Hunter and Eliah Fink

After nine months of deadlines, stress and hard work, Echowan had a successful week of yearbook distribution starting Monday May 22 and going through Friday May 26. According to senior editor-in-chief Scarlett Gann, the distribution of the yearbooks went well and was a big relief for the Echowan staff. 

“It’s been going really well, we have a great system and some great organizers. It always tends to be the most fun time of the year for Echowan but it can definitely be stressful at times,” said Gann. “Throughout the year we have four deadlines for work and it can be stressful as we get closer to those deadlines, but the feeling of being done with the yearbook is very relieving.”

Junior and design editor Eliana Montero-Ward said that distributing is easy because nine times out of 10, the first day is the hardest and every other day goes smoothly, simply because everyone wants their yearbook right away.

“This year has been going awesome. The first day we were busy but since then it’s been pretty light, so it’s been really easy to get people their yearbooks,” Montero-Ward said. “I’ve had a lot of fun this year working on it, and I see a lot of my own self inside the book, and it’s really fun.”

An issue surrounding this year’s yearbook was the amount of printing errors within the book. Advisor Chris Nordmark addressed this issue when asked about how yearbook distribution was going.

“It’s been going good, a little hectic though because we had some printing errors with our publisher Jostens and that’s been a little bit of a stress,” said Nordmark. “We’ve been trying to navigate that while also trying to have that not interfere with the positivity of students getting their yearbooks.” 

Gann said despite the printing errors, the process of creating this year’s yearbook went by a lot smoother.

“We switched from the company that we used last year that prints the yearbook out, and this has made things go a lot smoother throughout the year,” said Gann. “There was a lot less stress making the yearbook, but there were some issues when it came to printing this year and those issues led to mistakes within the book, and that was not fun to open up to but other than that the process has been much better overall.” 

Montero-Ward said that the process is drawn out because the yearbook covers the entire school year.

“It’s a huge process, it takes all year and it’s really important. It takes a whole class to work cohesively to make the yearbook look right, said Montero-Ward. “It’s really important that everyone turns in their work so we can make sure the yearbook turns out perfect.”

Nordmark described the process as a machine, where everyone needs to work together to produce a good yearbook.

“The process is similar to last year where students capture information such as stories and photos and our design team puts everything together,” said Nordmark. “We have a sales team, our PR team, it’s a pretty well oiled machine that works out pretty well.” 

Echowan was able to distribute most of their yearbooks and will have some left over which are available for purchase.