Girls United finishes off strong

Final meeting of the year successful


Serena Bovee

Senior Abigail Baudhuin and freshman Alyssa Johannes eat food near a gas station May 22. At the final Girls United meeting, the club relaxed and ate food while preparing for next year.

Maren Wilsey and Johanna Kaplan

s the year comes to a close, Girls United hosted their final meeting of the year May 22. According to junior board member Nora Olson, the club spent their last meeting this year contemplating the club’s future endeavors.

“(The meeting) went well,” Olson said. “It’s really exciting to see other people excited to continue next year.”

According to freshman Audrey Tuite, finding a time to gather together is a difficult feat. 

“Everyone has a lot of stuff going on, so it’s hard to make everyone’s schedules work because a lot of us have (commitments),” Tuite said.

Sophomore and Title IX coordinator Sela Myers said the biggest goal of the year was to rebuild the club after many members graduated in 2022. 

“This year, we’ve had to have a lot of growth in growing our program, because after the seniors left last year, it wasn’t shifted successfully,” Myers said. “We had to create a whole new board and set up a bunch of meetings. This year, our focus was to get some meetings, but mostly just get ready for the next year and the future so that we could get better.”

According to Olson, the club has struggled with organization after being put in a tricky spot.  

“At the start of this year, we struggled because we had no setup for this year because the seniors last year had not put together a leadership team,” Olson said. “We found it difficult to jump in and speak to organizations, especially on such short notice.”

Myers said the members of the board learned about what to prioritize over the course of the year.

“A priority next year is really planning in advance,” Myers said. “Also, we learned that it’s important for us to cover a topic that really interests people and find what people most value so that they can come to meetings.” 

According to Tuite, the club provides a great sense of community that she hopes more people can take advantage of in the future.

“People should know that it’s a really great group,” Tuite said. “Everyone is very hardworking and dedicated. Even though we aren’t as big as other groups, we still do important things and have important conversations. We want to encourage more people to join and find out what it is, some people haven’t even heard of it.”