Snow day decision made

Extra day added to the end of the year

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Snow day decision made

Ivy Kaplan

While students enjoyed relaxing from school during the snow days this winter, they are now being added back to the calendar.
The board heard proposals as to what would be done on March 10. Board members decided to add an additional school day to end of the year,  bumping the last day of school to June 11 instead of June 10.
Previously, the district cancelled late start and early release days March 17, April 25 and May 19, in addition to the teacher work day March 28. As a result of the snow day on Feb. 28, the board revised this plan.
Superintendent Rob Metz said he had to consider students of all grades, but particularly seniors, when coming to this proposal.
According to Metz, the seniors’ previous last day was June 5 with graduation on the night of the June 10. However, now seniors will have to come back for an additional full day of school on June 10 to complete their graduation hour requirements.
Metz said he considered other options to make up the lost time, but this option of adding a day is the most practical.
“A day of learning is still a day of learning and even though we’re adding it at the end, which makes it more challenging, we have plenty of time to prepare,” Metz said.
Senior Ben Coleman said he is anxiously awaiting the end of the school year and thinks that some days off were unnecessary.
“I only have 50-something days left and I just want to be done and move on,” he said. “I think we probably should have had school the day we had a snow day, but for the days when it was too cold it makes sense.”
However, freshman Ernesto Garcia said he doesn’t mind coming back an extra day.
“It’s just another day and one day doesn’t change anything because we still have a lot of time over the summer,” Garcia said.
Despite unsupportive feelings from some students, Metz said they hope to make the extra day a positive experience for seniors.
“We’ve just generally talked about coming up with a creative plan for that morning,” Metz said.

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