Snack bar undergoes changes

School removes popular items without notice


Alyssa LeMay

Students at snack bar look at their limited options now that Ramen, hot chocolate and apple cider were removed.

Genesis Buckhalton

Junior Mykal Howard sits down at the lunch table in a huff. Since the school decided to remove Ramen noodles, hot apple cider and hot chocolate from the snack bar, he said he must bring lunch from home or buy it hot.

“I used to buy Ramen a lot before they took it away. It was a good price,” Howard said.

Though Ramen happened to be his favorite item at the snack bar, Howard said he understands why they took it away.

“Ramen is unhealthy and not very nutritional for lunch,” Howard said.

Kathleen Milbrath, the school nutrition supervisor, said health and profit concerns prompted the changes.

“We took out Ramen noodles because of the high sodium levels,” Milbrath said. “We also took out hot apple cider because it had low sales.”

School lunch is a normal thing for senior Lourdes Pamela Juarez, who said she gets tired bringing a home lunch halfway through the year.

Juarez said she purchased items at the snack bar last year, but abandoned buying snacks this year.

“I haven’t purchased anything at the snack bar yet, but last year when I did, I would get the chocolate peanut butter crunch bar,” Juarez said. “If I could buy Ramen noodles and hot apple cider, I would.”

Juarez said she knew nothing about the removal of Ramen noodles, hot apple cider or hot chocolate but assumes it was done for a particular reason. She said it’s unfortunate the school had to take out those products because they were popular.

As for the hot chocolate, Milbrath said the nutritional department are thinking about bringing it back to the snack bar.