Student council organizes Hurricane Matthew relief

Grades compete in Penny War to make change

Izzy Leviton

After hearing about the severity of Hurricane Matthew, Student Council adviser Sarah Lindenberg said she felt it was important to take action and send relief to Haiti.

Lindenberg said Student Council chose to aid Haiti in its recovery because the country has previously experienced natural disasters.

According to Lindenberg, Student Council representatives will be present during lunch to collect money for donations. She said money will be collected by grade and the grade that raises the most money will be rewarded.

“Student Council is going to facilitate a grade versus grade competition for bringing in change, like a penny war,” Lindenberg said. “The group that collects the most change will win, and what they will win is a bunch of candy that gets distributed in one of their classes.”

Freshman Student Council member Selena Nejib, who is organizing the project, said the money’s destination has not been finalized, but Student Council is researching reliable places.

“We have looked through a few (charities), but we are trying to decide on one that mainly directs the money to Haiti,” Nejib said.

Sophomore Claiscreen-shot-2016-11-07-at-2-39-56-pmre Kaiserman said she thinks the competition aspect of fundraising for Hurricane Matthew relief will encourage more students to participate.

“I think it’s an awesome idea. The competition between grades will spur more people to go in and donate,” Kaiserman said.

Nejib said regardless of the winner, the project will benefit all who participate.

“Usually being competitive makes kids want to be more involved because they want to win,” Nejib said. “As long as students care, they are thinking about it and they are having fun, everyone wins.”

According to Nejib, donating money shows Park’s support toward making a difference.

“(Donating) shows we are capable of helping people. We are privileged, so we don’t understand what it’s like to have something so horrible happen to the same country twice within a short period of time. It’s good to show that we are helpful and we understand that they are in need,” Nejib said.

Lindenberg said she hopes students will participate in the competition because of the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew.

“I think students are compassionate and want to make a difference. Just knowing the help that Haiti needs, (students) will come together and help create a big impact for the country,” Lindenberg said.

Student Council members will be present at all lunches until Nov. 8.

Corrections were made to this story because of an inaccurate time period for the fundraiser, The Echo apologizes for these mistakes. 

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