SLP Nutrition to create a healthy, happier community

Nutrition club opens near high school


Ben Sanford

Co-founder of SLP Nutrition Alex Brose washes dishes after preparing shakes for customers. SLP Nutrition is a health club with a mission of creating a healthy community.

Talia Lissauer

After visiting a nutrition club when he was younger co-owner Alex Brouse said he was inspired to open a nutrition club of his own.

“I (went) into a nutrition club when I was 18, and I loved the vibe of it. I started working there, washing dishes, and we opened (a store) in Hopkins about two years ago,” Brouse said. “We are trying to expand and get into more communities and have more impact.”

Sophomore Selee Olmen said although she hasn’t gotten the chance to visit SLP Nutrition yet she is very eager to.

“I’m really excited to try it. I haven’t been there yet, but I definitely will stop by,” Olmen said.

Co-owner of SLP Nutrition Allyson Oman said she opened SLP Nutrition with the objective of creating a healthy and happy community,

“Our goal is to impact the community by providing healthy meals, involving the community in different weight loss challenges and fundraising,” Oman said. “Helping out as much as we can and making people’s lives happier and healthier (is the goal).”

According to Omen, the club has two rules: swearing is an encouraged donation, and if you aren’t satisfied with your drink, it can be remade without charge.

“Here at the club (there’s a) no swearing (policy). We do have a swear jar we ask you to donate to if you do swear, that money does go to a charity every quarter,” Oman said. “If you ever try a tea or a shake that you don’t like, then we will make you a new one for free.”

Olmen said the idea of a swear jar in a nutrition club is unique and beneficial.

“It’s really cool. I’ve never heard of (a swear jar) being in a restaurant before,” Olmen said.

According to Brouse, the most important part of the club is to make sure that it is enjoyable for everyone.

“It is a fun, safe environment for everybody. One of our core values is to have fun. We want to impact the community in a positive way, and everyone is welcomed,” Brouse said.

According to Olmen, the club is a nutritious lunch option and it is in a convenient location. Olmen said she would like to partake in one of the challenges they will offer.

“(The club)  offers a healthier alternative for students at the high school especially since it is so close,” Olmen said. “The (challenges) sound really cool. It’s really unique, and I would participate.”