Storiole reopens during Homecoming week

Plans to expand the store with new changes


Jayde Claussen

Senior Sarah McCallon helps to checkout a teacher at the Storiole Sept. 20. The Storiole received new merchandise at the start of the school year.

Maria Perez Barriga and Jayde Claussen

Senior co-manager of the Storiole Sarah McCallon said since opening Sept. 13, the new staff have been working on getting to know how to operate the store. 

“Everyone’s just getting used to working the cash register (and) to working in the department they are in to help the store run. So this week it’s kind of everyone getting used to what they have to do,” McCallon said.  

According to Storiole adviser Sophia Ross, since it’s Homecoming week they opened the Storiole to allow students to buy apparel for the football game on Sept . 20.

“(We want to) have the store open right now (to) let people buy all their Park Pride apparel they want, but we don’t have any special promotions,” Ross said. “We are not ready to open but it’s such a busy time that we have to be open to sell the merchandise for Homecoming.” 

Senior Storiole staffer Alex Riley said since the store has opened, he is looking forward to running the store with the staff and seeing what new ideas arise to grow sales. 

“(I am looking forward to) coming up with new innovative ideas and learning to work together as a team (with the staff),” Riley said.

Ross said this year they are going to likely make new changes to the store. 

“We are looking to possibly expand the store hours and have different pop up shops maybe at some events. Still something they are working on planning (for the store),” Ross said.  

According to Ross, this year they are going to officially open an online store where students can order apparel.

“We tested (the online store) at the very end of the year last year so we will be opening up the online store where people could go on our website and order merchandise and pay for it online. Then they would have to pick it up at the main office here at the high school,” Ross said.  

McCallon said she is looking forward to working at the Storiole and selling the new products at the Storiole this year.

“I think it will be super fun being able to see students buying apparel for the school,” McCallon said. “It will be exciting to see what ideas people come up with (for the store).