Girls’ soccer only feet away from U.S Women’s team

Park valley soccer ball shags for U.S Women’s team


Jayde Claussen

Middle schooler Eliana Montero-Ward ball shags for the Varsity game Oct. 3. The girls lost 1-0 in a tough match against Chanhassen.

Jayde Claussen

Looking back on her experience ball shagging for the U.S Women’s team with her sister, Sophomore Ella Runyan said her team was incredibly close to the players 

“My experience was great, It was so amazing to just be watching the game and then realize that you’re only feet away from the players,” 

Her sister, Freshman, Greta Runyan said she admires the women she was seeing up close

 “I was right next to all the players when I was holding the flag and all the U.S Women’s players were there and it was awesome to see all the women I look up to and aspire to play like in soccer,” said Greta.

The United States Women’s soccer team has taken many victories this last year, winning their 4th World Cup title. The 2019 FIFA World Cup Champions played at the Allianz stadium in St. Paul. They ended a tough match against Portugal and took a 3-0 win.    

Junior Alanna Franklin was also given the opportunity to ball shag for the team, According to Franklin her time there was a once in a lifetime experience and the team’s motto resonated with her 

 “The whole experience was breathtaking. We were able to hold the flag right before the game, and it was so cool to see the team just turn towards you. It brought their saying ‘One Nation, One Team’ to a whole new level. Being able to see the team up close and even say hi to them was truly a once in a lifetime experience,” 

Ella also added that she followed the team to victory, making sure to watch their games and check their scores frequently 

 “we watched the last seven games that they were playing and the world cup was crazy to see. We followed them pretty close and I was checking all their scores often,” 

The U.S Women’s soccer team will be playing next at one on October 6th in Chicago, Illinois, against South Korea