New online system implemented for purchasing parking passes

Student office works to overcome technical issues


Carissa Prestholdt

Office Assistant Jennifer Thomas works with senior Ellen Poulter to solve issues with getting a parking pass Jan. 27. Starting spring semester of 2020, parking passes are sold online only.

Sofie Geretz

Park has implemented a new system of purchasing parking passes for the spring semester, replacing in-person transactions to an online alternative.

Although there were issues in the beginning, senior Maggie Klein said the office worked hard to help her get her parking pass.

“Initially, I was having trouble when I was ordering it,” Klein said. “I wasn’t going to be able to get a pass, but then we talked to the office and they worked really hard to help us and figure out what went wrong.”

Administrative assistant Kiki Christensen said although most passes were able to be sold, there were a few payment issues.

“For the amount of handling money, it’s worked out really well … they only went up for sale at 8 a.m. on Friday, so there (were) no students here. When I got here on Monday, we were almost completely sold out at that time,” Christensen said. “So it’s been a good transaction that way. There has been those minor issues with payments not going through.”

Senior Ally Feller said she had an unsatisfactory experience with the new parking pass system, specifically regarding the online transaction.

“I had tried ordering it five times because it kept not going through … and I had to use different credit cards too because it kept on telling me the credit card wasn’t working,” Feller said. “And then I had to come into school and get in three separate lines afterwards to get my parking pass, which was also frustrating and confusing.”

Christensen said the office fixed issues regarding the transaction with the bank by calling the company and getting to the bottom of the issues.

“(I called) the company to see what the issues were … and what I’m finding is it’s mostly user error, or the bank is holding the payment because they think it’s fraud,” Christensen said.

Feller said the old parking pass system is better for those who are unable to access the internet outside of school.

“Go back to the old way, which was you come in before school and you’re in person and you can actually talk to real human beings with the parking pass right there, instead of having to go online and then come into school,” Feller said. “Some people can’t even get online, they would have to go to a library or something.”

Klein said online parking passes will aid those who are unable to make it to school early.

“It takes away a lot of unfair reasons for people to get a parking pass over other people,” Klein said. “I think if it’s online, and everyone has access to internet at the time we’re supposed to get it, it kind of makes it more fair and then we have equal chance to get it.”

Senior Nolan Blake said in the future, the sale of parking passes should be publicized more efficiently.

“I would have everything more easily accessible and have everything on the website, like the main website or online Schoology or something,” Blake said.

Klein said although there were hardships along the way, the new online system was successful after the issues were addressed.

“Kiki really helped us and she called the people and they figured it out and then we were able to get our passes. And also Mr. Meyers came … it was really helpful,” Klein said. “They worked really hard to get us our passes and there were glitches, but I think that they did the best they could. I think it worked out for everyone.”