Use of Wednesdays to remain as transitioning back to hybrid

Current schedule offers support and relaxation


Lilia Gonzalez

Special education teacher TJ Woldum meets with his student Destani Jenkins Feb. 11. Wednesdays will stay as support days as hybrid learning begins Feb. 22.

Andrea Melear

As students and staff prepare to return to hybrid, assistant principal Jessica Busse said Wednesdays will still be available for students that are looking for help, especially those staying in distance learning.

“We’ve asked that teachers really focus their attention on cohort C on Wednesdays, and provide that one on one time for them. We’re going to need to have them make appointments and schedule time with our teachers,” Busse said. “The numbers will be limited because space will be limited, but it is available, and we are asking that students reserve a spot through the Student Support App.” 

Since the beginning of the school year, asides from Park Connections, Wednesdays have been support days for students to reach out if they need extra help. Junior Mina Shionoya said having these support days has had a positive impact on her.

“Mentally it’s really great because I need to breathe for a second during the week. I also feel like I can do a lot of the homework that I have from the other days,” Shionoya said. “It’s also good for clubs because a lot of the things I got have meetings on Wednesdays, and I don’t know when else they would do that.” 

Senior Bella Steward believes Wednesdays have an influence on the overall well being of students.

“It’s a good mental health day for a lot of students as the pandemic has been really overwhelming and it’s easy to not be productive, so it just overall makes it easier to not have five day weeks,” Steward said.

According to Shionoya, Wednesdays should stay as a support day as students begin to return and eventually transition back to full days.

“We can’t just go completely back to full-on school right away,” Shionoya said. “But I think eventually we’re going to have to get back to having five days a week schedule.”

As the end of her senior year comes closer, Steward said having Wednesdays off is helping her prepare for her next years in college.

“I’m closer to college now and in college you don’t always have class every day, so it’s kind of making me time-manage myself like I would be next year,” Steward said.