Graduation to be held in person

Seniors express excitement


Anna Benishek

Graduate Morgan Graves walks across the stage to receive her Ceremonial Diploma. Graduates were called to the stage based on where their cars were parked instead of names.

Molly Schochet

After an unprecedented year, senior Kristi Thompson said she is glad she and her classmates will be able to celebrate their graduation in person. 

“It’s nice because for a lot of people graduation is a really big thing, and it’s a big accomplishment that we got through high school, and whatever people are doing next year,” Thompson said. 

As new COVID-19 guidelines continue to come out Vice Principal Jessica Busse said she is working to see how they will affect COVID-19 guidelines at graduation. 

“We are working with the Minnesota department of health to figure out all the requirements and as things change we are trying to change with them,” Busse said. 

Graduation will be held June 8 at the football stadium. Each student has been given a total of eight tickets to invite loved ones and friends to the ceremony. In order to stay, graduates and guests will be asked to social distance and wear masks at all times.

Having in-person graduation not only affects students but also to their families, Thompson said.

“I feel like for a lot of kids, graduation is super important and so having this opportunity is wonderful for them,” Thompson said. 

Even though Park has increased the number of guest tickets for each senior to eight, senior Erik Perez still feels like that is not enough for some students who have bigger families. 

“I honestly don’t like the fact that it’s only eight tickets because I have like my whole family and it’s a bunch of them. It’s like 16 to 18 people that are coming,” Perez said.“So it’s pretty hard to bring everyone along.

Besides the all-night party, Perez said he is excited to graduate to start the next chapter of his life.

“(I am excited to be) able to go on with the second part of my life and being able to tell other people that I was able to do what many can’t,” Perez said. “It’s very, I wouldn’t say inspiring but it’s like a compliment for me.”

After a year like she has never seen before, Busse said she is looking forward to being able to watch the senior class celebrate their accomplishments. 

“I’m excited to be on the field together, and will be able to have their graduation that they want, and something that St. Louis Park is known for, and everybody talks about their graduation, the class of 2020 missed out on that experience.