Class of 2022 gets ready to graduate

Seniors anticipate final goodbye to Park


Noah Orloff

The class of 2019 throws its caps in the air after graduation June 6. The graduation for the class of 2022 will take place at 7 pm June 7 at the stadium.

Luca Aimo

Although he may have mixed feelings, senior Truman Fillbrandt said the upcoming graduation is a rite of passage for himself and his classmates.

“I know it’s supposed to be a really grand thing. It’s basically tradition at this point, but it’s part of the high school experience and it’s like being given the keys of your life so it’s pretty important,” Fillbrandt said. “A majority of students are enthusiastic and ready for graduation because they are done with the exams and now classes are getting less tiring.”

The graduation of the class of 2022 is set to take place at 7pm on June 7 in the stadium. The ceremony will feature student speakers as well as student emcees and name readers.

Finishing high school means leaving a big part of her life that will not come back, according to senior Mina Shinonoya. She said she sees graduation as a bittersweet moment.

“I feel like it will be really exciting and sad at the same time because it’s a huge life event, like a milestone especially for people of our age… it just wakes you up.” Shionoya said.

The concerns for what will happen after graduation are ever present, according to senior Noah Tomback. He said the transition between highschool and college brings him some anxiety. 

“I’m more than ready for graduation,” Tomback said, “but I am concerned about transferring from high school to college.”

Math teacher Erik Ahlquist said weather could limit the number of participants, putting graduates in a difficult position when deciding who can and cannot watch them receive their diplomas. 

“(Bad weather could) force families to make the choice on who gets to attend graduation and who doesn’t,” Ahlquist said. “COVID(-19) related preoccupations and problems may also pose an issue.”

Students have different goals and aspirations for their lives after high school, but for the senior Alison Jensen, continuing to have a positive experience is her main goal.  

“I’m excited to graduate,”  said Jensen  “then I guess I’ll just live my best life.”