There’s snow place like Snow Daze

Winter dance reinstated after three years

Maren Wilsey

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Park has seen a whirlwind of events and activities come and go. One such event is the winter Snow Daze dance. Park’s version of the “Sadie Hawkins” dance has not been held since early 2020, but after three years, the student council has decided to bring the tradition back.

According to student council advisor Emily Rennhak, since the affair hasn’t been held in so long, the planning committee is looking to similar ones they’ve experienced themselves for inspiration.

“(We’re) rebuilding based off of things they’ve liked from dances in more recent years,” Rennhak said. “Students haven’t planned this dance for so many years, so we’re leaning a lot on what we did for homecoming — growing and expanding off that.”

Senior and student council co-president Micah Davis said that while the planning comes with challenges, collaborating with the rest of the student body has helped to make it as successful as possible.

“Introducing all the things we want to do for Snow Daze is a new step and a learning process,” Davis said. “On top of that, we’re getting a lot of student feedback from previous dances like homecoming, so being able to bounce off those and understand what we can do better with the Snow Daze dance will make it more fun for all the other students.”

Senior Lauren Thon said she is looking forward to the dance and is excited for students who haven’t been able to have the experience until now. 

“I’m pretty excited for it. I enjoyed it when we had it my freshman year,” Thon said. “I think that this opportunity is very beneficial for younger students to connect with their peers.”

Along with the dance itself, the student council is planning several activities in the week leading up to the event. Rennhak said she is most looking forward to the dress codes and pep fest activities.

“I am really excited for the spirit days. The students came up with some new ideas and I think they’re going to be really funny,” Rennhak said. “One thing I’m excited for with the pep fest is we’re going to have a student versus staff volleyball game. That’s something new we haven’t done before — I’m excited to see that play out.”

According to Thon, something she is looking forward to is the decision to select a student DJ rather than hiring one.

“I think that it is super cool that they’re doing a student DJ,” Thon said. “I know it’s been really requested by the student body and many, many people. I think that listening to the request — fulfilling the student DJ, I think that’s super dope.”

The Snow Daze dance will take place from 7-10 p.m. Feb. 11 in the high school field house. More information can be found on the student council Instagram.