Law restricts women’s right to choose

Iowa signs strictest abortion bill in country


Samantha Klepfer

According to The Hill, Iowa recently passed the most aggressive abortion law in the country labeled the “Fetal Heartbeat bill” stating that it is illegal for women to get an abortion if their baby has a heartbeat at the time of the procedure. According to the law, if a woman wants an abortion, they must get an ultrasound beforehand to determine if the baby has a heartbeat. If there is a heartbeat detected, the woman can not legally get an abortion within the state of Iowa.

According to Newsmax, fetal heartbeats typically begin at around six weeks. Newsmax also said six weeks into a pregnancy most women have yet to even find out they’re pregnant. This law basically prevents women from getting an abortion at all. This is a denial of the right to choose that every pregnant woman should get, as it is their body, and their life in the balance as well.

Women should have the option to abort a pregnancy safely. Due to the circumstances of some pregnancies, it can be in the best interests of everyone involved, including the baby, that the pregnancy isn’t carried through. Assuming not all women have been pregnant or will be pregnant, it can be assumed the majority of people in the world have not experienced this kind of a situation. Therefore they are in no position to judge and should have absolutely no say in whether a pregnant woman should or should not receive an abortion.

Another problem with this bill is that the number of illegal and therefore unsafe abortions could potentially skyrocket due to a lack of resources, ending many lives in the process. This increase in dangerous abortions could end up losing more lives than if the law weren’t in place.

According to The Hill, there have been numerous threats of lawsuits to combat this bill which, barring any court decision on the contrary, will go into effect July 1 of this year. Hopefully this law never becomes a reality for the women of Iowa, but based of the enthusiastic reaction the signing of the bill received from conservatives all over the nation, the fight against the “Fetal Heartbeat bill” will be a hard one to win.