Admissions scandal adds to upper class advantages

Fraud, bribery affects all students

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Admissions scandal adds to upper class advantages

Maddie Schutte

The recent college admissions cheating scandal proves how corrupted and elitist America’s collegiate system has become. Knowing a spot at a college I continuously work for can be taken by a student who paid their way in, invalidates all of my hard work.

According to CNN, 16 wealthy parents who got their children into elite schools are currently facing charges of fraud and money laundering. Several parents are also being accused of paying for people to take standardized tests in place of their children as well as bribing athletics coaches.

In contrast, where I will go to college has been narrowed down to where I can get the highest scholarship. I have pushed myself in extracurriculars and schoolwork. Unless I want to drown in debt for years after college, an academic scholarship is the only way I can afford a degree.

According to Cornerstone University, college graduates on average make $1 million more throughout their lifetime than those without a college education.

Getting a college degree is the only guaranteed way I can support myself as an adult. The families involved in this scandal would already be able to support their children if they chose not to continue their education after high school.

As frustrating as this scandal has been, at least I know that I was raised with a hard work ethic and can take pride in my own work and accomplishments.

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