Minnesota Twins propose plan to have fans in stadium

Allowing fans into stadiums brings many benefits


Toby Khabie

Target Field sits empty awaiting the return of fans. The Minnesota Twins proposed a plan to open the gates for fans as soon as April 8.

Tobias Khabie

Ever since turning off my television last year in disappointment after the Twins got swept yet again in the playoffs, I have been patiently and eagerly waiting for the 2021 season to start. With a roster loaded with talent, this upcoming season is one that many fans are looking forward to. Now with the announcement that fans could be allowed in the stadium for games, I went from eager to ecstatic.

According to KARE 11, the Twins sent a proposal to the state that would allow 10,000 fans, roughly 25 percent of Target Field, into games. The proposal also entails a touchless fan experience, from ticketing to concessions.

By allowing fans into stadiums, not only would the Twins benefit by profiting off ticket sales, but the whole city would benefit as well. Fans create business, not only in the stadium but the surrounding restaurants and shops. This will provide many local businesses with a much-needed boost of economic activity, and would make Minneapolis lively again. 

Having fans in the stands would also mean more Target Field employees will be able to work. Before the pandemic, countless staff, from concessions to admissions workers, worked day in and day out to ensure us fans had the best experience we could. 

Allowing spectators into the stadium will also be a major step forward in the sports community. Billions of sports fans across the globe are longing to hear the roar of the crowd after their favorite player hits a home run or scores a goal. The players would be thrilled to see their supporters in person cheering them on. 

Despite my unwavering support for this plan, I do understand those who oppose it. We are not yet safe from the pandemic, and still have to dial back for the greater good. For this reason, I would also be okay if the plan, which is currently calling for fans to be in the stands April 8, is delayed for a short while because of further precautions. However, the plan the Twins have proposed is smart and safe, and should be put into action when the state sees fit.

The communal feel that watching sports brings has been gone for long enough. With a plan to do so safely, it is time for fans to return to stadiums.