Homecoming thrives in the fieldhouse

This years homecoming proves successful


Roberto Alvarez

Last weekend, Park had its annual homecoming dance. The location changed from last year’s, as it was held in the fieldhouse instead of on the field outside.  I went to both this year’s and last year’s dances, experiencing two different settings. Comparing the fieldhouse was smaller and creates a better atmosphere. While the homecoming last year at the stadium felt bigger and more spacious which didn’t make it seem  

I will say I enjoyed the dance better this year. The fieldhouse was a better fit and most people who went would probably agree. The fieldhouse’s environment was just more lively with it making people have to dance and be a part of something fun and enjoyable. It was more cramped which forced people to get out of their comfort zone. Last year, barely anyone danced and there was too much space, which defeated the purpose of hosting a homecoming dance.

People were more hyped to dance, and had more fun in the fieldhouse. I also think the quality of hearing the music was earlier being that it was inside and the acoustics were better compared to the stadium. Also, the fieldhouse had snacks and food which was not included last year. There was also access to water outside of the fieldhouse, which I think was a major benefit. It was the same as being able to leave the gym for a bit to take a break from the dance. That was a really smart idea. 

When comparing both dances, one major difference that I saw was that there were no masks due to the COVID-19 restrictions being eased. People were not as worried or cautious when it came to COVID-19 this year, with kids being able to huddle, dance and join mosh pits. Which felt like we got a sense of normality again.   

It’s likely that Park will have the homecoming dance in the fieldhouse again. Last year’s homecoming felt like a desperate attempt at something that didn’t just work. Last year’s attempt was more because of COVID-19 and social distancing, which I respect. I understand that’s the best that they could do to try and keep us safe. In the end, it just didn’t feel as fun and I wouldn’t want kids to experience that type of environment for the homecoming dance again.