Legalization of weed in minnesota

How the legalization of weed will affect students


Cole Denham

With the legalization of weed in Minnesota, it is possible that Parks’ students will take advantage of this and possibly bring weed into school.

The main effects of cannabis, or weed according to WebMD, are relaxation in the muscles, tiredness and increased heart rate. Weed can make people who use it lazy and tired, which can affect the work they do at their job, school or in daily life. In this case it would affect students and how they function at school.

I do think this will affect some students that want to take advantage of the legalization and use weed. I believe weed will affect the majority of students and how they learn and study which could eventually affect the kids who don’t use it. For example a group project where one or two students have to do all the work because the other people are feeling the effects of the drug and can’t do the work.

Now I don’t necessarily disagree with the legalization of weed in the state of Minnesota, but I don’t think it should be allowed at Park if legalized. People can get addicted to it and that can affect how they do when they show up to school, which in the long run can affect the school’s grades and test scores which could eventually affects the students future like college or finding a job after high school.

Park should get stricter on keeping weed out of school. Now that it’s legal, more and more kids will have access to it and will be trying to bring it into school. There should be more supervision and around the areas weed might be used. Like bathrooms where people use drugs or vapes the most because not everyone can just walk in there and it seems like the best place.