Recent shootings cause increase in school security

Park lags behind on trend


Sofie Geretz

In response to the many school shootings taking place around America, some schools have decided to take preventive measures. Hopkins, Southwest and Park have all acted differently to combat this issue, Park being the least active.

Hopkins decided to implement door alarms to their school to ensure the security is up to par. Southwest requires school ID’s in order to get into the building. Park, however, has yet to announce anything they’re planning to implement in order to prevent gun violence.

This is an issue. Gun violence has increased significantly throughout the past few years, and Park should address that. People are more worried than ever about their welfare at school.

School is supposed to be a safe place to go to class and learn. People shouldn’t be scared of going to school. In order to make students feel safer and more at ease at school, Park should make some type of effort to strengthen security.

For example, an easy way to keep the school safe would be to require a school ID every day to  get into school, like Southwest High School. This would ensure no unknown shooter would be able to even get into the building. However, this wouldn’t keep out potential shooters that go to the school.

Gun violence has increased significantly throughout the past few years, and Park should address that.”

— Sofie Geretz

The most effective way to prevent gun violence is to use metal detectors. This would bring about a lot of problems, including a cost for the school. However, if our school wants to take safety seriously, something similar could be the answer.

Making no known effort reflects badly on Park. It makes it seem like our school is avoiding the topic of gun violence.

On a positive note, Park did accommodate those who participated in the March For Our Lives protest. This showed that they appreciated the students’ efforts to make change and illustrated that they are open to change. For now, however, Park needs to step up their game and try to ensure the safety of the school and the students.